Climbing Plants Passiflora -Passion Flower

Passionflora passionflora caerulea 'Constance Elliot'


Growing Passion Flower

At a glance guide: easy to grow, passion flowers are rewarding, with an abundance of showy flowers requiring little or no attention which is why they are tagged green wheelbarrow.  Passion flower, latin name is Passiflora, look exotic but are in fact easy to grow. The variety illustrated in the first image top left is variety P.caelea  which is the variety commonly found and sold in garden centres is sold as  hardy ** H4 which means -5 to -10.  I have seen Passion flowers grow in colder, more exposed areas and it does seem to survive especially with it's roots in well drain ground on the dry side.  When Passion flowers are grown in a colder area they tend to loose most if not all of its leaves in winter. An ideal planting place for Passion flower is planted sightly sheltered say on a fence next to patio and Passion flowers will survive most of our winters and the flowers are eye catching. It will grow in full sun and will tolerate some shade.  Passion flower will grow in any soil alkaline or acid and is happy in moist soil provided it is well wheelbarrow easy to grow

Most garden centres in UK offer P. caerulea for sale, illustrated top left,  a very good variety with the RHS Award rhs_agm_logo-75x75of garden merit which is always a reliable indicator.

This is a lovely, quick growing showy climber generally evergreen but more reliably semi evergreen in colder areas.

Passion flower does not require pruning, but P.caerulea the most commonly grown can be vigorous and if pruned after flowering to keep to shape and its alloted space and size. 

An additional advantage is that Passion flowers are attractive to wildlife as well. Follow this link for more about wildlife friendly plants

Passion flowers require little or no maintenance and if grown in ideal conditions it can be vigorous, up to 8-12 meters so it needs a largish spot. 

There is also  Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Elliott'  is hardy to H4 illustrated top right, which is happier in a sheltered and is a lovely white variety with scented flowers.


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