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  Slug in action

How to beat the slugs

As soon a spring arrives so do the slugs, nasty slimy creatures who can shred a Hosta overnight or devastate a tender Delphinium.
You can beat them, most of the time and the  effectives ways are Nematodes, Beer Traps, Picking and Dispatching.
You can also rejuvenate a bedding plant eaten by slugs.

Information  and hints on how to Beat the slugs 

Boarder with weed suppressing membrane and bark

 How to reduce weeding

Weeding is not the favourite task in the garden so here's a tip on how to reduce it.

The easiest ways to lay a weed suppressing membrane. This is sold by the roll in garden centres and an ideal time to lay a membrane is in a new garden or new border. Once it is in place  cover with bark, so that you cannot see it, and weeding is reduced to a minimum.

More information on Beat the Weeds  

 Sow in straight lines to know weeds and seeds
Tip for the veg patch 

How to tell emerging seedlings from weeds?

 Tip: sow seeds in straight lines because weeds don't grow in straight lines.
When the tiny seedlings germinate the seedlings can be hard to recognise.
It's tricky to tell the seeds from the weeds.
If you sow in a straight line you will know which are the fledgling plants  


Tomato tie too tight

Tie plants carefully

Check ties regularly and use soft ties not as illustrated-raffia makes excellent soft but stong ties. Here is an example of how not tie in young plants. This is an easy mistake to make when you tie in  a young plant, in this case a tomato.

This tie was fine when first placed on the plant. But, remember the plant will grow, the tie gets tighter and can cut into the plant read more about growing tomatoes.

 Ice damage to water butt


Winter tips 

It is a good idea to drain the water butt before the worst of the winter frost and cold. The image left shows what can happen if frost gets a hold and when it expands the water butt fractures a costly mistake. More hints on winter gardening tips.

Watering cans


Pelargonium Ivy leaf 

Effective watering

One way to ensure you water efficiently especially is to take a small plastic water bottle, cut off the bottom and sink the top into the ground along side the plant. When watering pour the water into the open cut top of the bottle which ensures the water penetrates down to the roots.This is good for those plants which need regular watering and to the roots- Tomatoes, Melons

Garden holiday tips

Going on holiday is great fun but it can cause problems with the garden. A friendly neighbour is the best bet but if no one is calling round what to do? 


Overwintering tender plants

Some  tender bedding plants can be overwintered and put back out next summer.  Bedding plants are expensive and many such as Pelargoniums and Fuchsias are well worth saving-



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