Colour coded to help


The Sunday Gardener colour codes all plants and vegetables showing at an glance which are easy to grow and which plants require a lot of time and maintenance.


Picking and choosing which shrubs, veggies and plants to grow is difficult. Part of the choice is how hard is the plant to grow, how much time and attention is needed. Not everyone has the time or inclination to spend hours in the garden looking after shrubs and veggies.

Throughout the Sunday Gardener web site all plants, veggies and shrubs mentioned are colour coded to give as a guide.

The coloured wheelbarrow will appear next to the plant description and photograph.  

Whatever you want to grow you will find help from the Sunday Gardener.  

All plants, vegetables, shrubs and projects are colour coded according to how much time and expertise is needed so you can pick and mix what you grow. 

Red The most difficult- either hard to grow or very time consuming to grow red-wheelbarrow-on-background-colour-30-x-30
Amber Needs a moderate amount of time and/or attention amber-wheelbarrow-on-background-30-x-30
Green Go for it, easy to grow and little or no maintenance green-wheelbarrow-on-background-colour-30-x-30