Contact the Sunday Gardener commercial enquiries

If you have a commercial suggestion, please email the Sunday Gardener with full details.
If you are submitting a proposal, please ensure that you include full details of the proposal, if you are a marketing agent details of your client, the company and website details.

Please ensure your e-mail is clear about the expected benefit to The Sunday Gardener Website in precise commercial terms. I don't bid against myself, or have a "price list" It is for you, the proposer to state the position clearly. 

The more information you supply, the less time is wasted on both sides with proposals which prove to be unsuitable to the website.

Please note that I only accept guest blogs which will clearly be of interest to my web visitors.  I am particularly interested in blogs/products which are plastic free, environmentally friendly, designed to create greener gardening and organic products.

I am also seeking a suitable affiliate to promote on the website.

Thank you.

Contact the Sunday Gardener commercial enquiries
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