Evergreen Shrubs

Many evergreen shrubs are easy to grow and give form and structure to the garden. Because evergreens are always in leaf this adds garden interest all the year round with not too much hard work.

As with all shrubs, there is a great variation in size even within the same group of shrubs, such as the Rhododendron group,  so it is helpful to check the overall size as shrubs can grow large and overgrow the border crowding out other plants.  Many evergreens have excellent foliage such as Euonymus, Escallonia and Camellia, others are grown for  their flowers such as the stunning blue of the Ceanothus.  The lovely Choisya has it all, attractive foliage with lovely creamy white flowers which are sweetly scented making it a must for any garden.

Most evergreen shrubs are low maintenance and easy to grow which is why they are so popular.  Some shrubs are totally evergreen but others such as the Hypericum may vary depending on growing conditions and be deciduous in colder areas.Many of the familiar evergreen shrubs also have deciduous varieties which have been included on some pages for easy reference.

All the evergreen shrubs below are easy to grow in the right place but some are less hardy. The Ceanothus illustrated is lovely but only ** hardy and so not suitable for all gardens, but ideal for coastal and sheltered  gardens.  Below are images and links for  easy to grow Evergreen Shrubs and Bushes with advice on what to pick for your garden.