The Sunday Gardener in association with Crocus and Thompson and Morgan two of the largest quality on-line garden retailers.

Crocus has is a large gardening retail website with an impressive range of plants, over 4000 + plants for sale, and features regularly at Chelsea with award-winning gardens. 

Thompson and Morgan established in1855 and are also a reputable Mail Order Seed and Plant company providing top quality plants and products. In addition, T & M has its own plant breeding programme based in Suffolk in the UK, and can boast several award-winning discoveries - including the stunning Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy' and Buddleja 'Buzz'™.

The Sunday Gardener highlights a selection of their seasonal offers, regularly changed and updated.

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If you are looking to buy plants from Crocus, please do use this link and or from Thompson & Morgan, please use this link. Below is a selection of offers with direct links. Using these links is a great help, thank you.

Crocus Winter Sale 2022

Crocus has some great winter bargains on offer. Mild winter days are an ideal planting time, particularly for shrubs. Plenty of winter rain will help the shrub or climber get established. If the weather brings a cold spell, just keep the bargain plant in its container, and plant out when conditions improve.

Alternatively, grab a bargain house plant to lighten up your indoor space.

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Fabulous offers Mature garden shrubs up to 50%

Mature specimen shrubs on offer

Shrubs add structure to a garden, and a large shrub can have an instant effect. Crocus has some fabulous offers on shrubs, including some large shrubs to fill those border gaps. 

Spring is coming. Why not fill the garden with the scent of lilac ?

Illustrated is Syringa microphylla 'Superba' a well behaved Lilac which grows to around 2.5m with wonderfully scented flowers in April and May. Currently, 50% discount for a mature shrub in a 12L pot.

There are 100 garden shrubs on offer: Lavenders, Viburnums, Ceanothus, Hamamelis, all at great discounts - CLICK HERE TO VIEW OFFERS

Syringa pubescens subsp. microphylla 'Superba' lilac Superba

Crocus January 2022 sale bargains suggestions from The Sunday Gardener

Hosta Devon Green Hosta 'Devon Green'

Garden Favourites

Over 50 garden favourites with up to 50% off. This lovely Hosta is 'Devon Green'

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Time to grow Wisteria

Over 90 shrubs and climbers with between 30-50% discount, including several varieties of wonderful Wisteria.

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Heat master parasol heater

Parasol heater

Entertaining outside? This popular parasol heater has 20% along with a range of heaters to keep you and your guests warm.

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