How to Grow your own Veg


How to grow your own veg

Ideas for Veg to grow 2017

 At last, growing your own veg is trendy and popular. Everyone wants to know how to grow our own veg. Growing your own veg guarantees freshness, you know all about what you are eating  as well as being great fun. 

Links below for advice on how to grow your own veg;  how and when to plant. Each veg described is colour coded to help you pick what suits you to grow. Green wheelbarrow is easy to grow and low maintenance, amber medium and Red more difficult or time consuming.

Easy to grow wheelbarrow easy to grow

 Some Veg are easier to grow and less time consuming, which is a good place to start. Easy to grow veg are onions, garlic, potatoes, lettuce and all the bean family, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, French Beans and Peas. 

Vegetables Mini plants or Seeds?

If you want to grow your own veg  you can buy as mini plants or seeds. Some veg plants are very easy to grow from seed which makes the resulting crop cheaper than using ready plants such as Peas, Beans, Courgettes and Tomatoes.

 If you grow vegetables in the same area each year it's a good idea to check out

crop rotation  to plan and plant in different places each year  




If space is limited many vegetables can be grown in containers  It's a good tip to use the largest container you have space for so that you get a reasonable crop and because smaller containers dry out more quickly which can be a problem.

For tips on growing vegetables


Growing from seed varies from veg to veg; as a rule of thumb, easy to germinate are all the pea & bean family, together with  courgettes, tomatoes; more tricky are carrots, fine herbs as dill,and small seeds.


colourful veg plot


Colour coded to help

green-wheelbarrow-on-background-colour-30-x-30 Potatoes   Runner beans   Broad beans   Peas  Onions  garlic   Chillies Lettuce Strawberries  Herbs

amber-wheelbarrow-on-background-30-x-30 Cucumbers  French Beans  Courgettes   Carrots 

     red-wheelbarrow-on-background-colour-30-x-30 Tomatoes