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Frozen-beech Frozen-pond frozen-portugese-laurel


Grasses in Winter

The garden looks beautiful in the winter with the frosted leaves. Above are frosted Beech (left) and Portuguese Laurel (right) looking lovely edged with frost, but Grasses really come into their own in winter and the images below speak as to the grace and beauty of the grasses illuminated in the winter sun. They are easy to grow and you can create a grass garden in the smallest of areas or in the border.   Grasses are low maintenance and very rewarding winter and summer.

Tips on growing ornamental grasses and planting combinations for grasses.

frozen-fronds-310-x-240 Frosted Grasses grasses and sedum


Frost in the garden on a winter's day transforms the humblest plant into a beauty.

You may not be able to work in the garden as the frost locks everything down into solid earth,

but you can admire nature's handiwork in creating a glittering

scene. Berries are very photogenic  when frosted, often the focus of Christmas

cards and calendars, but look at the humble  wall flower, its stunning.

frozen berrriesfrosted wallflowers





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