Lawn care

March starts with the drone of emerging solitary bees, and of the lawn mower , as the mowing season begins.

Mowing the lawn is a bit of a chore for most of us, but how good the lawn looks when it’s been mowed, and better still with a bit of TLC. A nice lawn really sets off a garden, it looks lush and inviting because it is. Walking on the grass in bare feet is a treat and we all love that just mowed grass smell. There are plenty of plus points to a good lawn.

How to get a good looking lawn

  1. Sounds obvious, but mowing at the right level is important and to take care not to scalp the lawn because it will struggle to recover afterwards. Perfection, which is aiming to cut only 1/3rd of the lawn on each mow, has to be weighed against the time factor. The ideal mow maybe only a 1/3 but for most of us there isn't enough time in busy lives, and a compromise is not to cut  the lawn too short. The regular mowing helps to create a stronger and more dense lawn.
  2. Cutting the lawn edges is not essential for maintenance of the lawn, but does look neat.
  3. But it is essential is to remove autumn leaves which have fallen onto the lawn, as collections of leaves on the lawn can stop the light and cause die back of the grass underneath.  Come the spring the lawn will not look good  and the leaves will cause brown, dead patches which will need to be re seeded.
  4. Scarifying is good for lawns, which is basically raking out the thatch in the lawn.  It is also good for us as it is fantastic exercise, forget the gym. Using a spring-tined rake, rake over the lawn pulling out thatch and moss which  task is best done in the spring and autumn.
  5. Like all living things, lawns like to be fed. There are many lawn fertilisers on the market balanced  exactly right for lawns, and a feed can be applied spring, summer and autumn.
  6. And it really is true that is is best to avoid walking on lawns when frosted. The frozen lawn is brittle and as it is walked on the grass gets broken and damaged.

A bit of lawn care and TLC will transform the slightly sad looking patch of grass into lush lawn. 

If you have the lawn bug and want to know more about how to create and maintain a lovely lawn, this infographic is a great help packed with lots more tips and advice on lawn care all the year round.


And it doesn’t have to be all  hard work,  feeding scarifying and mowing stripes;  creating a lawn maze is good fun and toddlers love racing round and round. It has the added benefit of wearing them out nicely for a good night’s sleep.