Scented plants

           Scented plants are a great addition to the garden and many have the added benefit of being attractive to bees and butterflies. Warm days enhance the scent, and it is so nice to sit near to or walk around scented plants. If your garden space is limited, you can create a scented area by container planting close to the house or a patio area so you can enjoy the plants. 

 Many scented plants are easy to grow and are described so in the information below. If you are looking to fill a gap in the border, check out the lists below of scented plants and shrubs. There are scented plants for all times of the year and many of the most aromatic plants are the most attractive to bees and butterflies. 

 Many scented plants are our garden favourites such as Lavender, Roses and Honeysuckle, but there are many more to chose from, including very fragrant shrubs. The shrub Daphne is known for is lovely perfume but is not 100% reliable or easy to grow compared with Choisya which is very easy to grow and has the benefit of being an evergreen shrub with attractive glossy leaves and very tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Equally easy is Philadelpus, The Mock orange, a deciduous summer flowering shrub which will fill the air around it with lovely scent.

Given the wide ranges of scented plants and shrubs is easy to have perfume in your garden all the year round.

Best Scented Garden plants