Summer planting ideas

  Your garden, like your home, needs to suit you. Magazines and web sites can suggest planting combinations and some will catch your interest, others you may hate. Below are ideas for summer plants and planting combinations so you can pick and mix what you like and fancy in your garden. There are images and links to page with growing information so you can decide if you like the plant and if it is right for your garden. 

There are also ideas for Spring plant combinations,  planting for shade, scented plants and the sensory garden.

Lovely bright early summer combination of Geranium with candelabra primula and Red Geum. 

All easy to grow herbaceous perennials.

Grasses mix really well with many garden plants, illustrated here Deschampsia  with Autumn flowering Allium and Achillea. Above right is  Dierama pulcherrimum common name angel's fishing rod with Agapanthus. Lots of ideas on the Ornamental grasses page and Pinterest below.

Scented combination of two climbing plants Lonicera common name Honeysuckle and Clematis fargesioides. A light creamy white combination which is easy to grow with the bonus of lovely scent.

Both are quite tall and vigorous climbing plants which will need a large plant support and can be kept in check by pruning.

 A lovely mix of mauve and red, Geranium 'Anne Folkard', lythrum and Knautia macedonica and all are easy to grow. Hardy Geraniums are great garden plants, easy and long flowering and Lythrum common name purple loosestrife is very attractive to the bees, flowering for weeks later in summer and tolerant of most conditions including damp. Knautia macedonica is also fully hardy with a preference for sun.

Thalictrum also looks good with the dark purple of Cotinus, this variety illustrated is C. Coggygria Purpurea - The Purple smoke bush an easy to grow fully hardy combination.  

Delphiniumand Thalictrum are a heavenly summer combination. Illustrated here is T.Alba with a dark blue Delphinium. Above left is Thalictrum delavayi with fluffy mauve flower heads. 

A really bright summer combination of Helium, Monarda and Hyssop which has the added bonus of being very bee friendly. The Monarda and Hyssop are aromatic and loved by bees. This combination is of herbaceous perennials. 

Subtle mauve and pinks this combination is Allium christophii with Persicaria bistorta 'Superba' and both are fully hardy and easy to grow.