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Hydrangea Autumn Fading Glory

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hydrangea macrophylla fading blooms

Some garden plants are good value because they flower for a long time, and some because they look good as the flowers fade. Hydrangea ticks both boxes as the images on the left show. The fading flowers are very attractive.

Hydrangea is something of a Marmite shrub; you either love them or hate them. Before coming to a final view it is worth checking out just how many different types there are and how good they look especially in the right setting. Many look good in shady spots and alongside streams. 

Hydrangea are generally easy to grow and come in many colours with new varieties being bred all the time. They are generally a largish shrub which need space, but many are shade tolerant and there is a great climbing variety called hydrangea petiolaris, which has lovely delicate lacy white flowers in the spring.

Images of Hydrangea on Pinterest board and growing tips.



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