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  1. May is being unseasonably cold yesterday being the coldest night for 16years reaching down to below freezing in many parts of England and colder still in Scotland.


    For gardeners it means don’t plant out unprotected any tender plants or vegetable, namely bedding plants, and most vegetables.

    Protect the tops of potatoes from frost with fleece.

    If  the recent warm spell tempted you and you have already planted out use a cloche to protect from frost.

    This is also the time of year gardeners are hardening off plants and during this cold spell keep plants indoors.


    By the weekend it should be warmer although according to the forecast this may only be a blip. It’s always a gamble with our weather whenever you plant out, but later is better unless you are in a very sheltered part of the country.

  2. Easter  is the traditional time for planting potatoes and starting on the veg plot in earnest but not this year. Although temperatures vary across the UK its a cold spring with snow, hail and sleet which are not ideal planting conditions.  Tempting though it is to spring into action its no fun for veg or gardener to be out there in the chill wind and sleety conditions. Back to the potting shed .

  3. The Sunday Gardener is not alone in having spotted for the first time this year this year, the first Bee. Large and gently buzzing along a solitary bee spotted in the garden this week. The late spring means there are few plants in flower to provide nectar but the Bees foraged happily among the Hellebores and Crocus.  Conscious of the decline in bee numbers selecting plants identified as attractive to bees seems more important than ever, Nepeta are simply cottage plants but the bees go wild for them (as do cats) and many herbs are bee friendly, Chives, Oregano, Thymes.