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Lets talk Hellebores

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Helleborus--orientalis-double-310 Hellebores-lovely-310-x-240 hellebore-dark-mauve-310-x-240

Hellebores are undoubtably one of the most beautiful perennials flowering from December through to spring. They are so welcome in the cold winter days boldly flowering even when covered with snow and all is frozen. They really are irresistible and an easy to grow Perennial which flowers reliably each year. In addition, Hellebores happily self seed and can easily be divided to have more plants for free. Hellebores do not need staking, or pruning or even feeding. Plant in the right place and Hellebores will look after themselves, with just one annual requirement.

Hellebores do tend to suffer from black spot which is best treated by removing the leaves in December/January which has the added benefit of displaying the flowers nicely. For more information  about where and when to plant Hellebores, preferred growing conditions, treating Hellebore black spot and a comprehensive guide to Hellebores.


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