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      July a great time to enjoy the garden and summer is well and truly here.

The Sunday Gardener's Calendar for July  is full of tips and growing advice for this month including how to get strawberry plants for free and ongoing advice on tomato care. 

July/August is time for the essential second prune of the wisteria and advice on how to recognise, and deal with rose suckers.

And a whole page of tips on going on  holiday what to do about the garden.

Beautiful stunning blue spires of Delphinium are blooming well in July. Delphiniums are surprisingly easy to grow, even from seed, and produce tall spears of flowers in pastel shades and strong blues much loved by the bees.

All beans are flourishing now and there is lots to pick and harvest. Broad beans flower early which means with a good summer you can often get a smaller second crop.


Ceanothus also known as California Lilac makes a lovely cloud of soft blue. It is easy to grow in sheltered areas away from cold winds. There is also an attractive pink deciduous variety  

Achillea are a herbaceous perennial with lovely feathery leaves and attractive flower heads made up of many single flowers. Easy to grow in a sunny spot on the dry side.               

Climbing Plants are great to add interest and height in a border. Many climbing plants are easy to grow and there is advice and video on how to plant and grow the ever popular Clematis

Information about selecting and growing Flowering Plants,Shrubs and Bushes.

Struggling to identify a shrub or plant?

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Gardening tips and help on how to grow all sorts of vegetables and inspiring images of vegetable in some of our best RHS and show gardens on Pinterest.

More than ever gardening is about being greener and helping wildlife. Ideas about wildlife friendly plants and plants for bees  and butterflies which are easy to grow and will ensure your garden has a buzz.

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July's newsletter continues the feature on Clematis looking at those flowering in July; ideas on easy to grow Perennials, growing Agapanthus and making a lavender path. 

Plus advise on growing vegetables in July.

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