How to plant Spring bulbs

The images show how to plant spring bulbs

1. Dig a hole with a long-handled bulb planter.

2. Plant the bulb at a correct depth in the hole,  which is  3x its size. This means the smaller bulbs, snowdrops, crocus will be planted at a shallower depth than larger tulip bulbs.

 3. The pointy end  of the plant goes up, which is the correct way

4. Replace the earth plug after planting.

5. The correct planting depth is important. 

I find planting spring bulbs much easier with a bulb planted, and preferabley a long-handled bulb planter especially if you are planting a lot of bulbs. Crocus has a good selection, affiliate link to Bulb planters.

Most bulbs have a discernible flat end and a pointed end, or nose as shown in third top image. It's easy to remember the flat end goes at the bottom and the pointed nose end pointing upwards.

Cover with the plug or soil and no other attention is needed. Most bulbs with the exception of Tulips will re appear each year and flower well.

Planting depths for spring flowering bulbs

If you are planting into the borders, the correct planting depth is important.

Cyclamen 2.5 cms (1") 

Fritillaria meleagris (snakeshead)  5cms (2")

 Crocus,  Iris Reticulata, and Scilla 7.5cms (3") 

Galanthus Snowdrops (best planted as young plants as can be difficult to establish from bulbs)  10cms (4")

Muscari 10cms (4")

Hyacinthus 12cms (5")

 Narcissus  and Tulip 15cms (6")

last updated 27.09.2023