How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Don't buy a Christmas Wreath, make one for free. Nothing looks as festive as a lush Christmas wreath on the front door, but they are so expensive this year more than ever. You can make a wreath from what you have to hand in the garden. It will be unique and each year different depending on what's to hand in the garden. I made the three wreaths shown above over three successive years, each from garden produce and different depending what was looking good, what greenery and flowers were available.

What do I need to make a Christmas Wreath?

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own fabulous Christmas wreath.

It starts by making a round base. I used Cornus stems but you can use any flexible stems which you can cut down from your garden. If you have nothing to hand shops such as Amazon and Hobbycraft sell wreath bases, choose one similar to in the video which has an open weave into which you can add items.

Ideal plants from the garden for wreath making are: sprays of conifer, fir, pine to make the base. Add in hollies both variegated and with berries, Hypericum with berries, mistletoe, any of the berry-bearing shrubs. Add in seed heads such as teasel, allium, faded astilbe, ferns. Large flowers such as faded hydrangea heads, fresh flower will be in supply from Viburnums and Pansey. Anything you have will make your own personal Christmas Wreath.

This video is the short version about 6 mins  and check out the comments  how easy this wreath is to make.  You do not need any "crafty" skills to make this. Amaze yourself!

And if you have more time, make a cuppa and watch the more detailed version which is about 15 mins. 

Updated 15.11.2022