Slug Resistant Vegetables

Some gardens and vegetable plots are more prone to slugs than others and it can be very hard work trying to keep slugs at bay. There are many methods to employ against slugs, see here for How to Beat Slugs, but sometimes the slugs seem to be winning.

I have found that Nematodes and Beer Traps work the best, but it is hard to cover the entire veg plot or garden with these. To make gardening life easier, and to secure some veg, you can grow some of the more slug resistant vegetables. There is no 100% guarantee, but these veggies will fare better and leave you free to concentrate slug wars around the more vulnerable plants, such as lettuces.


All Alliums







Chives and lemon Balm

Rosemary and Thyme

Broad Beans

Jerusalem Artichokes

It is also worth planting some of the slug resistant vegetables with aromatic smell or leaves, onions, rosemary around the more vulnerable another layer of slug defence. 

There are many more garden plants to choose from, which are slug resistant.