Slug Resistant Plants

Slugs can ravage a plant and they love the tender shoots of delphiniums, hostas and crave bedding plants. It's disheartening to find a lovely plant covered in slime trails and reduced to a few sticky branches.

It's true to say some gardens and gardeners suffer more from slugs than others, and no amount of slug defences keep them at bay. To fight the war against slugs, here are some tips. My favourite is beer traps, effective but smelly. All the various means of warding off slugs take time, and what if there isn't enough time or perhaps in some shadier and wetter gardens the slugs seem to win?

One answer is to choose plants the slugs don't choose. Some plants have better defences against slugs, which may be because they have hairy leaves, or are spiny. There are also plants which contain bitter substances which are repellant to slugs. We know Hosta is amongst the slug's favourite snack but there are slug resistant Hostas have tough leaves which even the raspy slug cannot chew. There is an excellent selection of Hostas which are resistant to slugs and well worth growing.

Listed below are some easy to grow perennials which are resistant, but not infallible to slugs. It means when planning and planting, if slugs are a bugbear, rather than planting, say Lobelia cardinalis which has lovely red flowers, pick the Astilbe Fanal, illustrated below, which is also a lovely red, and the slugs will give it a miss. 

Click on the individual images for more information, including growing tips- there are other plants which are slug resistant. This is a selection of easy to grow perennial plants which flower reliably and require little or no maintenance.

Last updated 07.10.2021