wildlife and garden ponds

There are so many reasons to make a pond. Aesthetically, ponds are beautiful, tranquil with so many lovely plants and grasses.

I can write about the advantages of having a pond, but the images stand out to show case what ponds are really about.

Wildlife is drawn to a pond both as a source of drinking water, but also as a habitat. The images above show frogs; it is hard to image just how many frogs arrive at the pond to spawn, and then are dispersed for another year. Many of them living in the garden. This short video shows how the pond becomes frog full in March.

In summer, the damsel flies, darters  and hawkers dash around the pond, with such speed its hard to capture the images. Lucky one in the image on the right,  settled on a lily pad to lay eggs.

Birds skip along side the pond, a pied wage tail bobbing around the waterfall, other birds bathing.

For us, its calming to sit near the pond with the gentle movement of water and always full of interest. 

Ponds change with the seasons and surge into life in the spring.

There is lots of detailed information and advice on the pond pages with detailed guides and images about constructing  a garden pond. Ideas to help you decide what type of pond may suit you and your garden.

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