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Gardening Calendar a month by month guide.

 What to do in the garden in January has winter gardening tips including dealing with black spot on hellebores and roses. What to do about botrytis in the greenhouse.

Video dealing with snow damage on shrubs.

Owls become more active as they look for a mate. Relax with a short owl video.

Current blog topics:  What to do about leggy seedlings 

Clever bees increase social distancing when threatened


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There are over 60 short videos on The Sunday Gardener's YouTube channel full of gardening tips and ideas. Everything you need to know from How to get Wisteria flower, pruning clematis, veg videos and what to do in your garden from March - July.  

Best Shrubs and Plants for January

January is always snowdrop time

Small flowers which never fail to delight, snowdrops are the first bulbs to flower so early in the year. 

Although common, snowdrops prefer particular growing conditions. Check out how to plant and grow snowdrops.

Snowdrops and Hellebores

Snowdrops and hellebores make a winning winter combination. Both are woodland plants and grow well together.

For this combination and tips on how to grow Hellebores.

White Birch

The winter gloom brings out the best of the white birch bark. Illustrated is one of the most commonly grown, Betula utilis jacquemontii 'Snow Queen' Tree. White Birch combined with snowdrops has been planted in Dunham Massey winter garden to great effect.

Red Stemmed Cornus

At its best around this time of year are the colourful stems of Cornus. Illustrated is Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire' dogwood, one of the most vibrant reds.

Cornus is a very versatile and easy to grow deciduous shrub.

Gardening ideas and inspiration

Allium with butterfly

Easy to grow Spring and Summer flowering plants, advice as to the best climbing and scented plants to suit your garden.

bee on sedum

Advice on plants to attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Check out the 10 Best wildlife friendly plants and shrubs.

tomatoes on the vine ripening

How to grow your own veg, including growing from seed and the best veg for growing in containers.

toms in hanging basket

A month by month guide with  top tips what to do in the garden each month. Seasonal monthly advice in the Sunday Gardener's Newsletter.

ducks on garden pond

An easy step-by-step guide with illustrations on how to build a pond, installing pond liner, and attracting wildlife to your pond.

gardening tips

Pages of gardening tips including how to get rid of slugs and snails, what frost hardy means, when to use the Chelsea Chop and much more.

gardening calender  month by month what to do in the garden

Regular posts with gardening chat on the Sunday Gardener's award-winning blog, including visitors' questions.

Last updated 02.01.2022