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January  in the Garden

Hellebore blackspot 

Lawn care in cold weather

Dealing Botrytis Grey Mold

Cold weather tips

Seasonal gardening tips for January

Best Plants and Shrubs for January

Garrya elliptica

Garrya elliptica

This is the time of year to see Garrya elliptica at its best with long tassels now present on the shrub.

Garrya elliptica is an unusual shrub but easy to grow and looks spectacular at this time of year. Hints on growing Garrya

Hellebore niger

Hellebore niger

The earliest of the Hellebore to flower Hellebore niger start to flower in December. Illustrated is the aptly name Hellebore Christmas Carol.

Hellebores are fully hardy, easy to grow and even make good cut flowers. They do suffer from black spot and early in the year is the time to tackle it.


January is the beginning of snow drop season. If you enjoy snowdrops at this time of year, take a look at How to Grow Snowdrops to have a display for next year. Many gardens have snowdrops on display and the National Garden Scheme starts its Snowdrop Festival in January with gardens open all around the country visit ngs.org.uk to find a garden near you and raise much needed funds for charity as well.

In the Kitchen Garden

It is very early in the year to start sowing seed, both temperature and light levels are low.

If you have somewhere bright, and warm, such as a heated conservatory early sowing may be possible. Chillies are a plant which needs a long growing season to come to fruition and one of the first seeds to sow in the season. However for many gardeners, especially in Northern areas, February is a better time to sow.

Gardening ideas and inspiration

Clematis Piilu

Easy to grow Spring and Summer flowering plants, advice as to the best climbing and scented plants.

Lavatera 'Barnsley'

Ideas for the Best Evergreen shrubs, Spring and Summer Flowering shrubs and fast growing shrubs.

Bees on Sedum

Advice on plants to attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Check out the 10 Best wildlife friendly plants and shrubs.


How to grow your own veg, including  growing from seed and the best veg for growing in containers

gloves and secateurs essential gardening kit

A month by month guide with advice and top tips what to do in the garden each month. Seasonal monthly advice in the Sunday Gardener's Newsletter.

Garden Pond with lilies in the rain

An easy step-by-step guide with illustrations on how to build a pond, choosing a pond liner, and attracting wildlife to your pond.

Snails on a Hosta

Pages of gardening tips including how to get rid of slugs and snails, what does frost hardy mean, when to use the Chelsea Chop and much more.

Award winning blogs

Regular posts with gardening chat on the Sunday Gardener's award-winning blog, including visitors' questions.