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August the last month of summer, but there is still lots to see and do in the garden.

The Sunday Gardener's August Calendar has jobs and tips to keep  your garden and veg plot at it's best.

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  Tips and Advise on what to do in the Garden in August

To keep the garden looking good   Blooming good tips for flower growers

  A garden favourite, Clematis Jackmanii with soft velvety flowers and a striking blue is a lovely long flowering climber for the garden. Advise on growing Clematis and pruning, C. Jackmanii is pruning group 3. 

Broad beans are finished but if you cut the stems down, water and feed them to kick start often they will provide a late second crop. As in the image the beans pods are smaller, and there are less of them, but you can pick beans until late Sept/early October if the growing season is good. 

Best plants and shrubs for February

Salvia "Hot lips" a lovely red and white Salvia which makes a small attractive shrub. It is slightly on the tender side and likes a sheltered, warm sunny spot to flower well. 

Dierama, common name Angel's fishing rod lives up to its ethereal name with arching branches tipped with delicate flowers.  

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  More than ever gardening is about helping wildlife. All you need to know about wildlife friendly plants and plants for bees and butterflies to ensure your garden has a buzz.   

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