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Winter fir
  1. Empty water buts ahead of a freezing spell
  2. Plant berry bearing shrubs to benefit from autumn rains and to provide winter food for the birds. 
    3.Check for hellebore black spot.

December Gardening Calendar


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There are over 78 short videos on The Sunday Gardener's YouTube channel full of gardening tips and ideas.

Watch some winter gardening videos with tips and ideas


Best shrubs and plants for December

Free, simple to make Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas is expensive. One way to save money but still enjoy all things festive is to make your own wreath from whatever is to hand in the garden. 

Every year it is different, it just depends what is to hand in the garden.

Step by step video short version, and longer have a cup of tea and relax version.

Winter flowering

Winter flowering honeysuckle

This shrub may look insignificant, but it smells devine. Winter flowering honeysuckle just the thing to lift you  up in the gloomy autumn and winter days. 

Shrubs with autumn and winter colour has ideas to light up the gloom.

Thinking about planting a live Christmas tree in a container this year? Check out this short blog article with advice what varieties are suitable and what sort of container to use. 

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Allium with butterfly

Easy to grow Spring and Summer flowering plants, advice as to the best climbing and scented plants to suit your garden.

Ceanothus in bloom lovely soft blue flowers

Ideas for best Evergreen shrubs, Spring and Summer Flowering shrubs and fast-growing shrubs.

bee on sedum

Advice on plants to attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Check out the 10 Best wildlife friendly plants and shrubs.

tomatoes on the vine ripening

How to grow your own veg, including growing from seed and the best veg for growing in containers.

toms in hanging basket

A month by month guide with  top tips what to do in the garden each month. Seasonal monthly advice in the Sunday Gardener's Newsletter.

ducks on garden pond

An easy step-by-step guide with illustrations on how to build a pond, installing pond liner, and attracting wildlife to your pond.

gardening tips

Pages of gardening tips including how to get rid of slugs and snails, what frost hardy means, when to use the Chelsea Chop and much more.

gardening calender  month by month what to do in the garden

Regular posts with gardening chat on the Sunday Gardener's award-winning blog, including visitors' questions.