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The September Calender has tips on what to do in the garden this month, and ideas for the veg plot. 


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Time to move tender plants under cover. It may not be frosty, but it's getting very cool on a night and plants such as pelargoniums dislike the chill.

I've bought some great bulbs for the spring, strong bright tulips, scented narcissus and garden favourite Alliums all at Crocus sale 

Best Plants and Shrubs for September



Love Sedums, great for all pollinators and a butterfly magnet. They flower for a long time and there are many different shapes, sizes on colour. Illustrated is a traditional variety Sedum ‘Herbstfreude’ is ideal for poor soil and dry conditions so much so it features in my blog Tough plants for tough Places

Russian Vine


Fallopia Russian Vine 'Mile A Minute Plant' plant a very fast growing deciduous climbing plant which seems very popular despite the fact it is a thug. For Growing tips and warnings.

Time for change

Summer bedding is looking a bit sad and washed out. Illustrated above is Viola "teardrop" which I have just bought to hand high above the slugs and bring some autumn colour.

Crocus have many autumn bedding offers£19.99 for 40 + 20 plants for free click here.

In the Kitchen Garden

Onions keep really well for months, as long they are dry. In wet weather onions can be dried inside a green house, or conservatory, and then platted into strings once fully dry for storing. Onions are a fool proof crop to grow,  and a good starting point for someone new to gardening.

Gardening ideas and inspiration

Clematis Piilu

Easy to grow Spring and Summer flowering plants, advice as to the best climbing and scented plants.

Lavatera 'Barnsley'

Ideas for the Best Evergreen shrubs, Spring and Summer Flowering shrubs and fast growing shrubs.

Bees on Sedum

Advice on plants to attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Check out the 10 Best wildlife friendly plants and shrubs.


How to grow your own veg, including  growing from seed and the best veg for growing in containers

gloves and secateurs essential gardening kit

A month by month guide with advice and top tips what to do in the garden each month. Seasonal monthly advice in the Sunday Gardener's Newsletter.

Garden Pond with lilies in the rain

An easy step-by-step guide with illustrations on how to build a pond, choosing a pond liner, and attracting wildlife to your pond.

Snails on a Hosta

Pages of gardening tips including how to get rid of slugs and snails, what does frost hardy mean, when to use the Chelsea Chop and much more.

Award winning blogs

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