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    Best Plants and Shrubs for November

    Acers for Autumn Colour

    Acers for Autumn colou

    Acers produce fantastic autumn colour, and there are so many shapes and sizes there is one to fit every garden. They are easy to grow  and best planted away from cold winds and strong sun, both of which can scorch their leaves.

    Autumn flowering Crocus

    Autumn flowering Crocus

    Although often called an Autumn Crocus, this is in fact a Colchicum which looks very much like a Crocus. Easy to grow Colchicums flower best if planted in full sun and will naturalise in grass

    Plant of the month

    Hedgehog in autumn leaves

    Plant of the month is leaves, as by now we have a lot of them all over the garden and lawns. It is a good idea to clear leaves off from the lawn, as they block the light  which can cause the lawn underneath to die back if left lying around for too long. Cleaning up elsewhere, watch out for hedgehogs looking for leafy nests for winter hibernation.

    Vegetables in November

    Lettuces still growing in November

    Lettuce is surprisingly hardy, and will continue growing well into the Autumn especially if covered by a cloche on colder days and nights.

    Rocket is equally tough and can be grown under glass outside or in a greenhouse.

    Gardening ideas and inspiration

    Flowering plants

    Clematis Piilu

    Easy to grow Spring and Summer flowering plants, advice as to the best climbing and scented plants.

    Shrubs and Bushes

    Lavatera 'Barnsley'

    Ideas for the Best Evergreen shrubs, Spring and Summer Flowering shrubs and fast growing shrubs.

    Wildlife Garden

    Bees on Sedum

    Advice on plants to attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Check out the 10 Best wildlife friendly plants and shrubs.

    Grow your Own Veg


    How to grow your own veg, including  growing from seed and the best veg for growing in containers

    Gardening Calendar

    gloves and secateurs essential gardening kit

    A month by month guide with advice and top tips what to do in the garden each month. Seasonal monthly advice in the Sunday Gardener's Newsletter.

    Garden Ponds

    Garden Pond with lilies in the rain

    An easy step by step guide with illustrations on how to build a pond, choosing a pond liner, and attracting wildlife to your pond.

    Gardening tips

    Snails on a Hosta

    Pages of gardening tips including how to get rid of slugs and snails, what does frost hardy mean, when to use the Chelsea Chop and much more.

    TSG Blog

    Award winning blogs

    Regular posts with gardening chat on the Sunday Gardener's award winning blog, including visitors questions.

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