Visiting Lavender fields in UK

If you enjoy lavender, visiting one of the Lavender farms in the UK makes for a lovely day out. Surrounded by seas of blue and mauve and the wonderful smell of lavender is a tonic for the senses.

The images right and left are of Cotswold Snowshill Lavender fields, the centre is Norfolk Lavender.

It's interesting to see how the professionals grow lavender.

Growing Lavender in the Cotswolds on dry soil

The pathway through the lavender shows free draining, almost sandy soil. I took these images capturing the lavender fields at Cotswold Lavender, where the lavender appeared slightly raised up.

The  70 acre growing area is at the top of a hill around 1000 ft above sea , which again ensures well drained soil. This emphasises the need to have really good drainage to grow Lavender successfully. The Sunday Gardener's tips about how to grow Lavender and images of different varieties of Lavender.


I would recommend a visit I thoroughly enjoy it. You can walk a good distance around the lavender fields and immerse yourself in all things Lavender. You can also see on display many types of lavender, which is helpful if you are thinking of planting lavender and you can compare types, shapes, and perfume.   I visited on a Monday, which meant it was quiet, making for a tranquil, peaceful experience. 

At the Cotswold fields there is also a wildflower meadow to enjoy and a woodland walk, shown in the images below along with a brief video clip. It may be hard to spot the Skylark soaring and singing over the Lavender fields, but the melodious tune is unmistakable. Skylarks are one of our rapidly depleting song birds and for me it was worth the visit just to hear the uplifting song. Unfortunately, it has been years, not months, since I last heard a Skylark.

Woodland walk at Cotswold Lavender farm
Wildflower meadow at Cotswold Lavender farm