Plants and Shrubs flowering in June

Looking for planting ideas for June? Want to know which plants and shrubs are at their best in June? I keep adding to this list as so many plants are flowering now.

check out the details below. As always, exact flowering times will vary around the country and with the weather. 


Peony with Cotinus

Peonies are an easy-to-grow, herbaceous perennials with large, often fragrant, blooms.
Tips on How to Grow Peonies


soft pink roses

June is the start of rose flowering season. With so many varieties to choose from there is always room for one rose in a garden

Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea High scent

Follow 6 top tips for growing  sweet peas and they will flower from now until the Autum.  A fast growing annual you can collect seed at the end of the season ready for next year. 


Clematis Dr Ruppel

Many clematis are flowering now with lovely large saucer shaped blooms. Most are decidous perennials which require annual prunning.  Tips about planting and growing Clematis.


Delphinium and bee

With their lovely tall spires Delphiniums are a reliable herbacious perennial which add colour and height to a border- but need attention. 



Nepeta is one of the easiest, and most reliable of perennials, it is also much loved by bees, (and cats.)

Easy to grow Nepeta


Ladybird Poppy

Poppies make a great splash of colour and are visited by bees. Many are annuals, such as this illustrated which is a Ladybird poppy. There are perennial poppies to grow as well.

Bearded Iris

White bearded Iris

Bearded Iris flower throughout June. Perennial with upright foliage which looks good after the blooms have faded. This type of Iris requires a sunny spot.


Geranium with bee

There is a wide range of geraniums to choose from. Easy to grow perennial, some herbaceous, many colours and the blue varaties are much loved by bees.


blue leaved hosta

Hosta foliage is looking at its best this month before the slugs get to work. How to stop the slugs and best slug resistant hosta to grow.