Shrubs for Seaside Gardens

There is a range of shrubs suitable for seaside gardens, which are easy to grow and provide lots of colour and interest. Coastal gardens are often less cold with fewer frosts suitable for the slightly less hardy shrubs and plants, such as Escallonia and (some) Agapanthus to thrive. Below is a selection of ideal shrubs for Seaside Gardens with links and growing tips.


Ceanothus, a lovely evergreen shrub with soft blue flowers usually in the spring. Ideal for Seaside gardens as Ceanothus is slightly tender and dislikes cold drying winds which burn the leaves.


Rhododendron, robust, easy to grow, most are fully hardy and tolerate of sea spray and adverse conditions. Rhododendrons come in many sizes and colours to fit into all types of garden, provided the soil is acid- growing tips


Lavatera illustrated is Barnsley Chop, lovely large flowers with many blooms over a long period. Lavatera and Mallow grow well in coastal gardens, both are slightly tender and semi evergreen - how to grow Lavatera

escallonia with bee

Escallonia is ideal for coastal gardens. Escallonia is a lovely evergreen shrub with waxy leaves and spring flowers loved by bees. Although slightly tender, Escallonia grows well in coastal gardens. Growing tips and more images.


Rosemary is an ideal shrub for a seaside garden flowering in the spring. Rosemary is great to have for cooking as well. Many herbs Sage, Thyme and Rosemary are happy in seaside gardens.


Hypericum, an easy to grow fully hardy evergreen/semi-evergreen shrub. A medium-sized shrub which produces lovely berries in the Autumn. More info on growing Hypericum


Philadelphus common name Mock Orange because of its lovely scented flowers. Philadelphus grows well in seaside gardens. Growing advice 


Mahonia is an evergreen shrub with bright yellow flowers in the winter. If you want to create a security hedge, especially if your seaside home is not always occupied, Mahonia will grow as a hedge and have deterring thorns.


Choisya common name Mexican Orange blossom another beautifully scented shrub which will grow happily in coastal gardens. Unlike the Philadelphus, Choisya has the added advantage of being evergreen.

close up of tassels on garrya

 Garrya elliptica an evergreen shrub, described as slightly tender common name silk tassel bush because of the long catkin like tassels which hang from the plant during the winter months.

fading hydrangea blooms

Hydrangea, a summer flowering deciduous shrub easy to grow and tolerant of seaside conditions. Hydrangea will also grow in partial shade and damp conditions. All about How to grow Hydrangeas. 

Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n' Gold' is a tough, easy to grow shrub which is a variegated evergreen. It is unfussy about growing conditions and needs little maintenance. 


Cistus common name rock rose is ideal in a coastal garden. It is tolerant of poor soils and windy conditions. All it needs to grow well is sun. Illustrated is cistus x cyprius. There is also a pretty mauve variety purpureus. Tips on growing Cistus


Cornus alba, the common dogwood, is a tough shrub which will grow anywhere, including coastal gardens. It is deciduous and although often grown for its colourful winter stems; it has attractive variegated foliage as shown here planted with a Purple Cotinus.

There are many shrubs and plants to choose from.  More ideas  about gardening by the sea side check out Gardening by the sea side and plants for sea side gardens for more ideas and images.