Shrubs for Seaside Gardens

Shrubs for seaside gardens

There is a great range of shrubs suitable for seaside gardens, which are easy to grow and provide lots of colour and interest. Coastal gardens are often less cold  with fewer frosts  which enables some of the slightly less hardy shrubs and plants, such as Escallonia and (some) Agapanthus to thrive. Below is a selection of ideal shrubs for Seaside Gardens with links and growing tips.

  Garrya elliptica an evergreen shrub, described as slightly tender common name silk tassel bush because of the long catkin like tassels which hang from the plant during the winter months.  

Hydrangea, a summer flowering deciduous shrub easy to grow and tolerant of seaside conditions. Hydrangea will also grow in partial shade and damp conditions. Growing tips.

There are many shrubs and plants to choose from.  Fore more ideas on gardening by the sea side check out Gardening by the sea side and plants for sea side gardens for more ideas and images.