10 of the Best Long Flowering Plants

Not all plants are created equal; some flower for a lot longer than others. Long flowering plants are great value for money, providing colour over a long period remaining companion plants to other perennials which have come and gone on the flowering stakes.

Below are some suggestions for the best long flowering plants which you can pick and mix into your border to add easy colour. These plants make for happy gardening and I  hope will provide you with food for thought.

for more planting ideas take a look at easy plants to grow and the best self seeding plants .


blue lavender

One of the first long flowering plants which comes to mind is lavender. There are many varieties to choose from and all stay in flower with graceful fading blooms for a good period.Lavandula angustifolia is one of the best, illustrated is 'Hidcote' . Also worth bearing in mind that the French Lavenders, Stoechas, although not as hardy, will continue to flower if regularly dead headed. Advice about Lavender's specific growing conditions.


Sedum with gatekeeper butterfly

Sedums look great from mid summer when they start to form buds as shown above, to late November when the frost settles on the faded flower heads.They are easy to grow, drought resistant and a magnet for butterflies. Fully hard blooming in many shades of red, there are also some white varieties, which the butterflies love, and low growing yellow varieties much visited by the bees.

All about Sedums.


Hydrangea flowering in October

Hydrangea have two flowering advantages. Firstly, they are long flowering and secondly; they age gracefully with resplendent flower heads right up to the first frosts. The colours fade gracefully and still make great cut flowers right up to the end of the season. Hydrangea can get large so it's important to pick one suited to your garden. That said, Hydrangeas will grow in partial shade and tolerate many conditions-check out growing tips.


pink flowering Dahlia

Dahlia will also flower until the first frosts. Dahali produce a continuous supply of new flowers all summer long and as long as they are dead headed regularly the flowers will keep on coming. Typically Dahlia flower from July right through October. 

The price for all that colour in the border is Dahlia does need some attention- tips about growing Dahlias.


Achillea cerise

Achillea is another long flowering plant whose blooms look good as they fade. Illustrated is Achillea cerise and the flowers fade to pale pink over time. Achillea is easy to grow, fully hardy although a relatively short lived perennial combines well with many other popular perennials such as Echinacea (Coneflower,) and grasses.

Images and growing tips.



Erigeron, is a summer flowering herbaceous perennial often overlooked. It has small flowers and its common name is fleabane, but it flowers for a long time and looks fabulous in containers, self seeding over steps and patios and just keeps ongoing.

It's a tough, easy to grow demanding only a decent amount of sun. It's very unfussy about soil conditions. Planted in the right place, it looks very effective.


  • combination grasses 310
  • snow and grasses
  • Poppies-and-grasses-310
  • grasses-have-fantasitic-movement-310-x-240

Whilst not a flower, grasses provide colour and interest in borders for months. I've put together a slide show because there are just so many to choose from I could not pick a single. Simmering in the summer, bronze autumn tints and even looking good in the snow. There are lots of images and planting ideas here.  


winter flowering Hellebores

Hellebores are a group of winter flowering perennials which remain in flower from December to late March, depending on the variety. They are easy to grow, tolerant of most conditions and self seed to form large clumps of colour in the winter months. There is a wide range of colours to choose from.


Agapanthus growing in containers

A long flowering perennial, Agapanthus are irresistible. Stylish, suitable for borders or containers, they flower for a long time and the seed heads look good after flowering is over. Agapanthus can be both deciduous and evergreen depending on the variety, and some are hardier than others. Contrary to popular garden beliefs, Agapanthus will tolerate light shade even though they are sun loving.


Geranium Johnson's blue

Probably one of the longest flowering garden plants, hardy geraniums start flowering around May, and continue to October, depending on the variety. One of the longest flowering varieties is Geranium 'Johnson's blue' (illustrated) which is also attractive to bees. Walking around my area in late October, there were several gardens with this hardy geraniums still flowering.

More long flowering plants

Adding to the  list above, if you wish to fill your garden with longer lasting blooms its worth taking a look also at: Nepeta, also known as Cat mint, repeat flowering roses, Astrantia, Alliums,Wallflowers,  and it is worth checking different varieties of Clematis some of which flower for longer period. Also, although an annual, sweet peas will bloom all summer until late October.

page updated 1012.2023