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Sedums the easiest of plants to propagate

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If  you buy one Sedum, you should never have to buy another, as they are the plant world's easiest plant to propagate. Sedums are a lovely plant, flowering in August and September, hugely attractive to bees and butterflies. 

Sedum can be propagated in two ways, either by cuttings or rooted in water. 
If by cuttings, a really easy way is in May is to Chelsea chop Sedums to make them bushier later in the year but don't throw the cuttings away. Just push into ground near the mother plant and they will root really easily. This will create a nice clump of Sedums within  a relatively short period of time as they are quick growing.

Alternatively put a cutting into water and watch it root and grow, which is fascinating in itself. In the image the sedum stem has been put into water, it has rooted and grown mini plants. When the roots are mature pot up into small pots and put in sheltered area. Later plant out in the garden and from the one stem you may have around 5 plants.

Sedums are truly dead easy to propagate and a good plant to start with if you have not propagated plants before. It's always good to have plants for free that have travelled no road or air miles.

Sedums are attractive for months starting with the flowers now but even late in the year the flower heads look fantasic with frost on them. Sedums are easy to grow. 

 three stages of sedum
sedum grown in water (2) 310


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