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What's the lovely purple flower in Bridgerton Netflix series

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Bridgerton Wisteria

Many of us  have been gripped by Bridgerton, the fabulous Netflix series. One of the reasons it is so enchanting is the fantastic sets which include marvellous flowers. The house above features throughout the series and is clad with a lovely climbing purple plant. What is it? A wisteria, a late springand early summer flowering climbing plant which is spectacular as displayed in the program. What cannot be seen from watching Netflix is that Wisteria also carries a powerful sweet scent.

Wisteria is easy to grow as it is a vigerous climbing plant, but needs some attention to get it to flower. Lots of advise about How to Grow Wisteria and vidoes on YouTube. If you just want to admire marvellous Wisteria take a look at it in full bloom. 

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  1. Georgia Valicenti

    I have pondered this very same question ever since watching the show. Thank you for clarifying this! Thanks for your comment - I think it looks easier to grow in Bridgerton than in the average garden and is unnaturally long flowering!

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