How to get great autumn colour

Autumn is such a colourful season and all around we see examples of blazing autumn colour. Illustrated above are Euonymus europaeus Red Cascade, also known as the spindle tree and an Acer, both looking fabulous.
When you are picking out trees and shrubs for autumn colour, it's all in the detail. What do I mean?

The first image, Euonymus, is a big genus, at least 175 species of evergreen, semi evergreen, deciduous, shrubs, trees and climbers. This means it is important to select the exact species and sometimes subspecies to replicate the garden look you want to create. Latin names are a bother, but they do precisely describe the shrub and if you buy exactly that one, Euonymus europaeus "Red Cascade" you will get a splendid autumn shrub.

Acers are thought of as great for autumn colour as they are. But not all Acers are created equal, as the images below show. One shrub has already lost its autumn colour, the other is still putting on a show. Acers are another large genus, 120 evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees and they differ considerably, not least in height, anything from 20m to 3 metres.

So when picking for colour, pick carefully.

There are some suggestions on Shrubs for autumn and winter interest, this post in Facebook by Cambridge Botanical Gardens.

If you are looking for autumn colour, a botanical garden is a good starting place as the shrubs are clearly labelled with their full Latin name so you can note it and buy the exact species that you saw looking so good.

To find a botanical garden near your check out this link with Great British Gardens.

Crocus also has a good selection of shrubs with strong autumn colour.(affiliate link)



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