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Butterfly Conservation Trust special offer

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geranium-with-butterfly Sedum the butterflys friend by The Sunday Gardener
Like many gardeners, I love to see butterflies in the garden, and more and more I am growing plants which are attractive to Butterflies, and Bees. Without their natural habitat Butterflies will continue to decline. There is a growing awareness that Butterflies are threatened because their natural habitats are being distroyed by the changes on our countryside. Gardens can be important " Green corridors" with plants to help sustain the population of Bees, Butterflies and Moths. Butterflies and moths are important and seven out of ten butterfly species are in decline. Four butterflies and over 60 moths became extinct last century.  

Butterfly Conservation is a UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our environment. If you are interested in Butterfly Conservation here are details of a special offer to join the trust .

The trust are offer a new gardening booklet, available exclusively to  members in their welcome packs. Currently the trust is offering half price membership from the 1st to the 30th of April. The first 100 new members to sign up will receive a free pack of seeds. These seeds will be one of three beautiful annuals (Phlox, Cornflower or Pot Marigold) specifically chosen to attract butterflies and moths into your garden.

To use this offer please visit and enter the code GARDEN50. This offer is available to new members joining by direct debit.

For more information about wildlife friendly plants and growing Geraniums (image left) and growing Sedums (image right)




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