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Enjoy the sunshine but don't forget to water

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The weather is glorious and we are in for a sunny weekend in most parts of the country. A great chance to get out into the garden, if not gardening, just to enjoy being outside. This strong sunshine and warmth will quickly heat up the greenhouse and areas where plants are still under glass. Most vulnerable are the emerging seedlings and small plants. I still have some annuals and small veg in the greenhouse and it is surprising how quickly they can dry out.

If you do find a plant in a desperately dry state they need to be quickly re hydrated. The best way to do this is to fill a tug with water, and stand the plant pot in the water, so the roots and plant absorbs it. If a plant is very dry watering from above with a watering can is often not very successful as the water will tend to run off and not be absorbed. 

Seedlings, if they dry out may not survive, and just keel over which means over the dry warm spell keep an eye on them and water daily. If you are not able to do this move tender seedlings into shaded area or shade up part of the greenhouse.

Then sit in the garden and enjoy!



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