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There is something very lovely about home-grown flowers. It's not just the pleasure of having tendered them yourself, think it's the individuality of the flowers. In the image left are  Iceberg roses, Delphinium, sweet peas, Philadelphus and cow parsley; together they make a lovely scented arrangement. Given that flowers are now air freighted around the world for our table, I am wondering if it's just as green and money saving to grown your own flowers, as it is to grow your own veg.

Once it was very popular, to see rows of flowers in the veg plot,  grown just for bringing into the house. It does make sense, as I find it hard to raid the garden borders when I have just got them looking lovely in summer, but equally it is lovely to bring flowers into the house. 

Home grown flowers are less sophisticated than the pristine flowers from florists, but in all ways, they have a green footprint.

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