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How to make Wisteria flower

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Prune it!

The way to make a Wisteria flower is to prune it, and always buy a wisteria plant when in flower. Advise on how to make your wisteria flower

If you buy a Wisteria which is already in flower. then you know if can flower, the task will be to make it flower next year.

bee on WisteriaThe way to make Wisteria flower is by pruning it twice per year. The winter prune around now in Feb/early March and  prune again in late summer.  The summer prune takes off the leafy and long growth to divert the plant's energies from growth to flower buds. In the winter prune, the summer shoots are cut back further to a few flower buds.

Follow a two stage pruning routine and you will be rewarded by a lovely Wisteria with the scented flowers,  which make all the effort worthwhile.

The regime for pruning Wisteria is not straight forward and I list it as red wheel barrow plant  difficult to grow red wheel barrow plant, indicating it is time consuming to grow and a bit tricky. On the How to Grow Wisteria pages there is a lot more information about caring for and pruning Wisteria including Video on pruning.



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