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Summer Prune Wisteria

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Wisteria can produce a second light flowering in July which  is nice but even so Wisteria needs to be pruned in July as well as February to keep it flowering year after year. Problems with getting Wisteria to flower are common and one cause is failure to prune twice a year. The summer prune is quite harsh, taking back a lot of the growth to constrain this vigorous plant and  to stop the leafy growth to encourage flower spurs later in the year. Wisteria is a hardy vigorous plant and as long as you don't cut into the established woody growth you wont kill it by pruning; for advice on  how to prune wisteria and video showing how to make wisteria flower and the summer prune of Wisteria.

July is also a good time for pruning spring flowering shrubs after they have flowered if in need of a tidy up or reshape. Pruning at the bottom of the shrub to lift the canopy allows more light around the base of the shrub for planting.

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