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Autumn flowering scented Clematis

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This Clematis is flowering now, C. terniflora "Sweet Autumn" and it is a lovely delicate Clematis with sweetly scented flowers. It is fully hardy and a great alternative to the also sweetly scented climber Jasmine which needs frost protection. As a late flowering Clematis this is pruning group 3 -  Group 3 require a quite a hard prune to cut back all of last  year's growth to a pair of buds15-20 cms above the soil in early spring.

Clematis terniflora is late flowering and will cover fences and walls growing to around 5-6m so it needs a good space. This Clematis was in full bloom early October at the wonderful gardens of Hidcote, about which more another time, but without doubt Hidcote is one of the most  inspiring gardens and even in Autumn looked fantastic full of flowers and interest. The creator of Hidcote, Major Lawrence Johnston, was a genius in his artistic flair and eye in laying out such a garden full of vistas and flowers. I would love to revisit during spring and summer.


Clematis terniflora autumns flowering scented


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