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Sweet Peas flowering and seeding now

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Autumn sown sweet peas

Sweet Peas  although time consuming are a good value plant, as shown by the fact they are still blooming in late October. The image below left shows recently picked flowers, not the handfuls of blooms produced in July, but still lovely scented flowers for the house. I have tried some different varieties in 2015, but was a tad disappointed with some so this year I am back to the tried and tested traditional Spencer varieties with long stems and highly scented blooms

This year  I grew a mix of Spencer types and also lathrus odoratus 'Painted Lady' labelled a grandiflora sweet pea, which was an attractive two tone pink and white, but I thought the blooms were small and less fragrant. I also tried Lathyrus odoratus 'Cupani' which was a lovely colour, but again a bit disappointing.

Those which are still blooming with good sized flowers and scent are the Spencer types. It seems strange to be seeding next years sweet peas whilst still picking this years crop but there has been a bit of an Indian summer.

 I have just seeded for 2016:  Lathyrus odoratus 'Daphne', 'Gwendoline', ' Oxford Blue', 'Mrs Bernard Jones', 'King's High Scent', and 'Charlies Angels'.

Autumn Sown sweet peas need to be kept frost free under glass, and pinched out to keep the plants in check and this will also make them bushy making sturdier plants with several flower stems per plant. They will be ready for planting out later in the spring to make a great display for next year. 




Sweet Peas picked late October 2015


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