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Sometimes this feels like a weather blog but gardening and weather are so linked together it is inevitable that gardeners are weather watchers.


It’s great to see good weather and its set fair in most areas to be fine and dry for several days with only a slight chance of rain.


For gardeners it means watering hanging baskets and tubs but more particularly keep an eye on the veg plot. Firstly, some salad crops will bolt if it is too dry and hot; this means produce flowers run to seed and that's the end of them.


Secondly be careful with seedlings and germination. Seedlings are delicate and if they dry out, they die and they dry out very easily in this weather. Also, you can look at the plot and see a nice line of newly germinated seed, turn your back in a hot dry spell, and they will shrivel and die.


If you have only a short time to spare first water the seedlings, new crops and salad. if you have time, hanging baskets and lastly the tubs. Established plants and crops will usually survive but for the Sunday Gardener, nothing beats a little light watering on a warm summer's evening.

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