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Lawn mowed in December

The image left may look unremarkable, in many ways it is just a piece of lawn. What is unusual is that we are in mid- December and this is a piece of lawn which has just been mowed, because it was growing and too long.

This weather this winter, so far, has been strange. In the wetlands of the North the garden is turning green, but it moss keen to grow in the warm damp. In some ways the garden looks a little like early spring, there are buds on the Magnolia, leaves on the Honeysuckle and the daffs are up; but everywhere bears the tell tale browness of winter. 

As the monsoon has abated I managed to get into the garden to cut back some old growth on perennials which would normally have been done weeks ago. The Achillea was confused; it had old, tired growth, new growth at the base and a single flower in bloom so all seasons in one. There is a lot of new growth in the garden. The Sedums look very similar to  how they look in early spring with lots of growth at the base. Usually one of the advantageous if you do want to cut back Sedums in the winter, as opposed to the spring, is there is less risk of cutting into the new growth, but not this year.

Geranium pyrenaicum common name Hedgerow Geranium  In winterSome of the Geraniums have produced a lot of new growth. In the image is Geranium pyrenaicum, common name the hedgerow Geranium. All spring and summer long it has very pretty dainty purple flowers with a long flowering time. In the image the summer's old growth can be seen on the left of the image and centre and to the right all the green  is new growth.

This year is very mixed up and who knows what Spring will bring. Having spent several hours trying to clear up in the garden, cutting back lots of perennials,  I was rewarded by being able to see that the weeds have been loving the mild weather as well. Next job.


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