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Bliss in the Garden today......

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 After such a dull wet winter today, Sunday in the garden, was just bliss. The sun was gentle and warm, so many birds in the garden chasing each other around and the real feel of spring in the air. The hawthorn is starting to green and the wood pecker was drilling away for the first time this year.

Best of all the frogs are back having arrived in the week. With each day the pond gains more frogs and the frog chorus becomes louder with a back ground of birds it surely is the sound of early spring. 

Why not make a cup of tea, or if it's after 6 , (as it is always somewhere) a glass of wine, sit back and click on the sound cloud and listen to the the sounds of early spring.




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  1. We love this time of the year in the garden. Enjoyed the music too - very soothing!

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