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Keukenhof wonderful place to visit

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Keukenhof a blaze of colour

Keukenhof tulips on fire

If you are visiting Amsterdam, a trip to the Keukenhof garden is great day out.  We all know that many bulbs are grown in Holland and Keukenhof is the place to see them.

The garden itself is in a lovely setting, with a large lake as centre piece and over 32 hectares of planting and displays. These two images are just a snippet of what there is to see and there are some more images on the Pinterest page, none of which really do the garden justice. I visited, because we were in Amsterdam at the end of March,  but I really didn't have enough time to take in, and better still photograph, half of what there was to see.

There are the bulb gardens, but also various displays; I only had time to look at the Orchid display in the Beatrix pavilion which was imaginatively laid out as the  Pinterest page show just a little. The Dutch are so thoughtful and good in their presentation and it really shows in the quality of displays and planting. All of the gardens are beautifully laid out and immaculate, tidy and very well-kept. Unfortunately, there were other areas I just didn't get chance to look at. 

We were in Amsterdam at the end of March; ideally I would go later when there would be more bulbs in flower.  I would love to go again and hope to have the chance. I would really recommend a visit. Amsterdam is a fine city, but for me there always comes a point when you long for things green and head for gardens which is why it is good that Keukenhof is so close to Amsterdam.

From Amsterdam central  train station, it is a quick and efficient train to the airport  (20 mins) where you can pick up a bus. They run frequently from the airport out to the garden, which is about 30 mins, its close to the city and an easy trip. You can take a guided tour if you want the benefit of extra information but if you like to please yourself, its easy to get there independently.

In late March the blooms are just coming and the show runs through to May, I would love to visit again in late April /early May there is so much to see.

Just nearby, literally next to the garden, are the commercial bulb fields and you can walk or better still hire a bike and cycle around the fields. There are a few images on the Pinterest page. Cycling is easy and the traffic light and polite,  it is a very different experience  to cycling in the UK. As you cycle around the quiet lanes it is tranquil with the scent of Hyacinths and the birds singing. Just a fab day out.

Beautiful tranquil setting at Keukenhof

keukenhof bulb fields


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