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April a great time to plant onions and garlic

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April is an ideal time to plant onions and garlic  which are a rewarding, easy crop to grow. I buy onion sets, but you can easily grow onions from seed if you have time and patience. An advantage of onion sets is that they have been heat treated which is said to inhibit bolting. 

The choice of different types of garlic which you can choose to grow now is really great ; both the garden centres and on line retailers are full of different bulbs. This year I have planted Picardy wight garlic which does come from the Isle of Wight where they grow lots of garlic as conditions are ideal, well drained soil and one of the sunniest spots in the UK. 

Garlic and onions are easy  all they need is to be planted correctly in a sunny spot and they grow themselves.

A big plus point is that both store very well if kept dry and cool in fact for months which means you can be eating home grow onions and garlic well into the next winter.

Why not grow some potatoes as well and have your own garlic mash.

Growing tips on onions and garlic and a new video showing how to plant onions and garlic


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