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Whats flowering in your garden in September

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It may have been a poor summer but there's lots flowering in the Sunday Garden.

Roses and Sweet Peas are still blooming, along with Asters, Crocosmia Lucifer a devilish red; Creamy Hydrangea paniculata and many fading shades of Achillea. A second flush has appeared on Choisya Aztec Pearl which is draped with flame coloured Tropaeolum speciosum. Braving the autumn gales are the tall stems of Thalictrum and Sun flowers. There is a blaze of rusty coloured Rudbeckia and just turning red the lovely Sedums. The delicate late flowering clematis Diana with it's delicate nodding blooms in deep red is in full flower and those agapanthus which survived the winter are waving their blue wands.

There is plenty to see and enjoy in the garden as the grasses turn golden and the autumn hints come through. Still, it feels, even with such blasts of colour, that the garden is starting to wind down as it slides into autumn.

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