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Botrytis and growing strawberries

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At this time of year its all about looking forward and its a good time to check out the strawberry patch. If your plants have been yeilding less fruit it maybe time to think about replacing them.

Strawberry plants don't last for ever, after 2/3/4/5 years, depending on the variety and growing conditions, yields diminish and it is time to think about replacement. This can be done by new plants or using runners which can be taken from healthy plants. For cultivation tips and information including how to use runners to get new plants for free check out growing strawberries. 

The most common disease with strawberries is botrytis commonly called grey mould , shown in both the imates.  Strawberries are frost hardy, so if you are ordering new plants, do not be tempted, at this time of year, to put them in the greenhouse as that is exactly where Botrytis lurks in the winter months.

Because strawberries are fully hardy they can be put outside, and overwintered outside. 

Top tips on planting and growing strawberries, including how to aboid Botrytis, and ideas about the best varieties to grow and a YouTube video on growing strawberries in hanging baskets.




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