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No Queues at Kew

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Visiting London is great, but tiring and it's such a push and shove with all the crowds. Which makes Kew such an enticing place to visit,  just 30 mins away by train and you could be in the country.  

Or ditch the train and get the Thames barge, the aptly named "Cockney Sparrow", and enjoy a gentle cruise down the river to Kew so relaxing.

This time of year Kew is full of azalea, rhododendron and Magnolia in full flower making a dazzling display.

The woodland areas are magnificent, it is as if all of Kew is turning green. In spring Kew is more akin to a large woodland park than a garden. The images below show just one of the more unusual trees, the unusual Fraxinus ornus common name flowering ash also known as manna ash which has lovely fluffy flowers, along with images of rhododendron and Azalea.  


Cockney sparrow Thames bargeBeautiful rhododendron at Kew



The Woodland area is large,  some 300acres and the bottom images can only be a thumbnail impression of the lovely tranquil woodland walks and there are more images on Pinterest.

Kew is just a great day out and I hope to visit later in the year and see the  Great Broad Walk in full flower.

 Fraxinus ornus  Kew Azalea bed


kew woodland scene with Camassia



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