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Getting Agapanthus to flower

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Agapanthus in flower


Finally I have persuaded the Agapanthus to flower. You may think so what, especially if you garden in one of the more sheltered parts of the country. Agapanthus are a real sun loving plant originating as they do from South Africa. This means in many parts of the UK its a bit of a struggle, especially where light levels are lower, higher rainfall and colder and I am blessed with all of these.

In less than ideal conditions it can be very tough to get Agapanthus to flower in the borders; it can take years. Restricting their growth in containers may speed up the process although restrict the ultimate size of the plant. I dug up my Agapanthus out of the borders 2 years ago, and this year after 2 years in containers, 3 out of 4 are flowering. Image left is the proof taken today, along with some other images Agapanthus at their best.


It's all a question of conditions. Below is an image of Tresco in the Scilly Isles, where the climate is hugely better. Visting Tresco I saw for myself Agapanthus growing in abundance, and wild; a beautiful sight in a natural landscape setting.
Tresco Island Agapanthus growing wild



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  1. They are stunning! Well done. When you see them in garden centres they look amazing, but then sometimes they are just never the same when you get them home because of the conditions or exposure to the weather. Well done anyway, do you have a particular secret or tip to share? Do you water them with any specific plant food or anything? Thanks Mike- I think they are flowering despite my efforts ! I do feed them but only with a regular general feed.

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