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RHS Harlow Carr Winter Glow

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Harlow Carr Glow Boxing Hares 310 Harlow Carr starry trees 310

Harlow Carr looking spectacular with the garden illuminated;  a blaze of colour for Christmas. The path along side the lake is full of illuminations in the trees, and the stream appears ethereal with the different lights and takes on an ultra violet glow. Unfortunately, just too tricky for me to capture as my night photography and camera are just not up to it, but I managed a few passable images, and there are also a couple of photos kindly supplied by RHS, all of which give some idea as to how the garden looks.

As soon as it turns dusk the lights will illuminate the garden. I was really impressed how lovely the garden looked, and I think it would be great for little ones as well. The show starts today23 November and is on until 30.12, three evenings per week Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and during which time Betty's tea room is open late, an added treat. There is more information on the RHS Harlow Carr web site along with other Christmas events and this is definately worth a visit.

Harlow Carr Glow coloured grasses Harlow Carrs Main Borders Glow
Harlow Carr Glow trees ablaze. Harlow Carr Glowing trees


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