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Looking after Strawberries

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strawberries before cutting back

Do your strawberries look like this?

The image left shows strawberries before they have been cut back. Ideally, strawberries should be cut back in late summer, afterfruiting and once any runners have been removed or potted on to make new plants.

Not everything in gardening goes to plan and I didn't get round to cutting back the strawberries until February. It still has to be done, as you do not want to start the growing season with lots of dead leaves which will only lead to problems and an inducement to Botrytis, Grey Mold.

If you live in the south with lots of sun, or the east with low rain fall, Botrytis is less of a problem but anywhere tending on the wet side is higher risk and it is one disease strawberries are prone to.

Start the season with clean-cut plants which allows plenty of light and air circulation.  More tips on growing strawberries. 

strawberries after cutting back


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  1. Just wondered how easy it is to grow strawberries directly from seed? Hi Jane You can grow strawberries from seed but they tend to take a long time to grow into plants and fruit, often next season. An easier way is to propagate from runners formed on the plants later in the season. Peg down the runners so they root, and then pot up into small pots once they have good roots.

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