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Lovely easy spring planting combination

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Tulip and Skimmia


This is a lovely spring combination, pink and yellow tulips planted alongside a Skimma which makes a long flowering display, with the added benefit of being easy to grow.

To create this display you will need a large container filled with compost. The stunning pink Tulip is Tulip 'Angelique'  and the Skimmia is japonica 'Rubella'  both of which are available from on line garden retailers. The Skimmia has red buds early in the season  in the winter, ideal for a festive display, which  later open to pale white flowers in spring  to coincide with the flowering of the Tulips. 

 The Tulips need planting in November/early December at the latest. They should be planted lower down in the container at least 3x the depth of the bulbs. It is best to buy a small Skimmia so it is in proportion to the Tulips. 

As the Skimmia starts off with red berries, you can plant it in a festive style and add red and white cyclamen, or the lovely  Hellebore Christmas Carol for the Christmas season, and then  let the Tulips come through for the spring. 

After the spring bedding display is over you can plant the Skimmia in the garden to continue enjoying it for many years. It is a slow growing shrub, reaching  around 1.5m over 10-20 years. Skimmia is tolerant of partial shade although it will flower best, and is most suited to a spot which is not too exposed.  It is not fussy  and will grow in almost any soil, except that which is waterlogged. As an evergreen shrub it makes a good addition in the garden border, the flowers are fragrant and it is hardy down to -5. 


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