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Gardening ideas for August bank holiday weekend

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The weather forecast is offering a reprieve  from the rainy conditions with some warm sunny days, ideal for relaxing in the garden. Heavy rain takes its toll on a garden, battering the flowers and flattening everything. Here are some ideas for the bank holiday weekend and gardening tips for August.

A clear up will help the garden pick up and encourage perennials to keep blooming. Dead head everything which has spent or weather damages flowers especially Roses, Geraniums, Sweet Peas and other annuals, trimming back Nepeta, Achillea Mollis and other tired looking perennials. Whilst many perennials will not flower again, they will grow new foliage which will be bright and cheerful.

This would be a good time to feed the garden to keep the flowers going into autumn.

This weekend I will be pruning the Wisteria, its a bit later than is ideal, but still in time. As a guide below are before and after images and there is additional information about  How to Summer Prune Wisteria and video.


wisteria before summer pruning


wisteria after summer prune


Another result of all the wet and windy weather is that some plants have been flattered and suffered damage.

Don't compost prunings they make great free natural looking plant stakes and are often the perfect shape for propping up plants. 

Re stake plants using this years prunings. Although many of the perennials look a bit battered, we have still some summer to go and September is often mild and warm, so plenty of flowering still to come.


Plant-stakes-for-free 310


tired bedding plants


A lot of rain and windy weather batters hanging baskets and annuals. The basket on the left was looking lovely last week!

It maybe possible to salvage the basket by deadheading extensively, removing everything which has flowered or been damaged by the rain and then feeding. However, because bedding plants tend to be less robust and are getting towards the end of their flowering season, some bbaskets will be too far gone and will only limp along. In which case consider replacing them.



Great Autumn offers from Crocus with a selection of winter Viola and Pansey for delivery w/c 2nd Sept 

Illustrated below left is Pansy Coastal sunrise mix and right is Viola Sorbet Yellow which are just some of the Panseys on offer and at a great price of £19.99 for 40+ 20 free for a stunning autumn and winter display.

Click here for more information.



Pansy Coastal Sunrise Mixed


Viola Sorbet yellow Blue Jump up




Dry weather also gives an oppotunity to lift up Onions and Garlic to dry ready for storage.

To be on the safe side after a couple of days on the ground drying out I usually bring into the greenhouse to rest on the slats for a few days. If you have no greenhouse you can store in a string net in a dry place such as a warm garden shed or conservatory. 

 Info growing and storing onions and garlic





Finally, this is a good time to take stock of the garden, what worked and what didn't look as good as you hoped. Some perennials are short lived and may need replacing. Most of my garden is herbaceous and so if I leave it to the spring to consider what changes to make there will be little or nothing to see . Photos now of the garden are really useful to mull over in the winter and work out changes for next year.



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