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indoor herb garden

Around this time of year I bring indoors tender herbs and also some culinary herbs for autumn and winter.

Tender herbs, such as Basil will not survive the cold and even some of the so called hardy herbs, such as Tarragon (both in the image left) will look very sorry for itself after a few weeks of chilly wet weather.

Having herbs indoors also avoids a cold/wet/snowy dash outside to pick herbs when you are cooking. With this in mind I have also have Thyme in the container, which is hardy. In my view this is the very best Thyme for cooking with, its plain Thymus Vulgaris, and has a lovely sweet flavour. 

I will pot up another container with a few more herbs in so there is a ready supply all winter. The containers are happy on a window sill, conservatory or porch even if unheated. 


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  1. S.Lynn

    I specifically put my herbs in a raised box, built a PVC frame over it and can drape visqueen plastic sheeting over it in the winter. It's zone 6A but I plant for zone 5, you never know how cold it might get. My rosemary, thyme, sage, chive and parsley survived last year. Was nice to be able to snip fresh herbs during the winter. I can't bring them inside in pots as the porches do not let direct sunlight inside. And my indoor plant thumb is black. :)

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