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Its not too late to plant Tulips- you can plant tulips even in December

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Although the tradional time for planting Tulips is often suggested to be October, in fact you can  plant tulips from October, and the good news is that it is not too late to plant tulips in November and even into December. 

Tulips are best planted before the first frosts whilst the soil is still workable. One of the reason to plant tulips late is so that they enjoy a period of cold weather which helps to reduce the chance of tulip fire disease.

Tulips are best planted in areas of the garden which are not too wet which can cause the bulbs to rot. Tulips did not originate in Netherlands, as maybe thought, but in Central Asia and Caucasus region, also Afganistan, Jordon and Kurdistan which enjoyed, broadly speaking, hot dry summers and very cold, but dry winters. 

You can plant tulips in containers until early December.

Lots of information about planting and growing Tulips.

Tulips which flower again next year.

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